Most secure way to share WP login

This plugin offers the easiest way to share WordPress dashboard access with anyone.In a matter of seconds, you will be able to generate access token & set rules to create temporary or passwordless login access

Generate login URL

Create a unique & conditional access link

Passwordless login

No need for a username or password – simply use the access link to log in

Time expiration option

Set an expiration time with option ranging from a few hours to a few days. Custom expiration time can also be set.

Access control

Set the number of times the access login URL can be used


Boost security with social login

Simplify the login process and make it more convenient for users with social login options!
Integrate with

Auto sign-in

Users don't need to remember the Google profile chosen during the previous login

Redirect after successful login Pro

The entire plugin has had a design refresh including new field types, settings and design!

One Tap prompt behavior

Enable/disable the option to close the prompt (Google login box) on outside click

Update user profile Pro

It retrieves the first name, last name, display name, and nickname from users' Google profile

User role selection

Set role for the temporary user

Shortcode avaliable


User Switching

Instantly switch to any user account

You can effortlessly swap between user accounts. This feature is useful for any WP website where administrators need to switch between multiple accounts.

Browser extension

Quickly log in to WP dashboard in just 1 click

Securely store all your login details in one convenient spot-no more remembering multiple usernames and passwords!

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Ready to dive in?

Generate a temporary login URL for any user